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June 2024 Zoom Forum: "Operating with the Grace of God as a Kingdom Entrepreneur"

Samuel John, CEO, The Grace Brunch, tells of his faith venture to set up mega Kingdom parties for young people in London.
25 Jun 2024

May 2024 Forum: "Creating a movement of Young African social entrepreneurs"

Ayo Adedoyin is Head of Communications and Community Action at Jesus House, London & CEO, PSJ UK
28 May 2024
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Kingdom Business Champions: Accessing events and resources from other Kingdom Business groups

Together, we champion Kingdom business in the UK; connecting Christians with initiatives that integrate faith and business for Kingdom impact.
2 Apr 2024

March 2024 Forum: "Leading by Faith"

David Brown, Co-Founder of Good Space in Central London, shares his story
26 Mar 2024
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February 2024 Forum: "Get comfortable being uncomfortable"

Kevin Warner, senior manager at Amex GB, entrepreneur & church leader, will be shared his story
27 Feb 2024
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January 2024 Forum: "'Surviving the dark side of unexpected transitions"

Glenn Williams, Founder & CEO of LCP Global, Sydney and author of "When Leaders are Lost", tells his story
30 Jan 2024
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Nov 23 Forum: "Flex Marine tidal turbines"

David Mummery, Founder and CEO, shared with us.
28 Nov 2023
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Sept 23 Forum: "Practical tools for putting faith at the centre of the work day"

Rebecca McGoff, Senior Manager, Premier Christian Media, tells her story.
26 Sep 2023
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June 23 Forum: "Success in recruiting: be active, be personal and be creative"

Allan Beckett, Founder and Director, Carnelian Search
27 Jun 2023
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May 23 Forum: "Leading on the edge"

Sue Land, Founder & MD of Your Marketing Team, told us her story.
30 May 2023
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April 23 Forum: “Counsellor to kings – lessons from Daniel”

Darren Mitchell, Partner, Simmons & Simmons, tells his story
28 Mar 2023
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Mar 23 Forum: "In all thy ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct thy paths" + BIBLE IN A YEAR

Kenneth MacKenzie, Founder and CEO, Target Fund Managers, UK, tells his story. PLUS some Bible in a year resources.
28 Mar 2023
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Feb 23 Forum: "Pioneering against adversity"

Matt Parfitt, Founder and CEO of Grace Enterprises, Nottingham, tells his story.
28 Feb 2023
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January 23 Forum: "Cross cultural ministry in the workplace"

Jessica Stone, international journalist based in Washington DC, tells her story.
31 Jan 2023
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Dec 22 Forum: "What listening to God is, and what it isn't?"

David White, Founder & CEO of Netriver Systems Ltd, talked to us about the blueprint he received from God for pioneering anti-fraud technology
20 Dec 2022
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Nov 22 Forum: "Leadership in a Cross Cultural Context"

Keren Pybus, CEO/Founder of Ethical Apparel Africa, based in Ghana tells her story.
29 Nov 2022
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Oct 22 Forum: "Micro business: alleviating poverty; elevating the people of Nepal"

Shusma Adhikari runs the Anaandit Charity in Nepal, providing micro-finance to small businesses
25 Oct 2022
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Sept 22 Forum: “Anti-fragility: benefitting from the unexpected.”

James Hewitt is a performance scientist and expert advisor.
27 Sep 2022
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June 22 Forum: "Think outside the boat!"

Paul Bulkeley Founder of Snug Architects and Bizmin, tells his story and sets the challenge!
28 Jun 2022
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Apr 22 Forum: "Blockchain: a tower of Babel phenomenon?"

Mark Preston, Senior Director of Partnerships at Compassion UK, shared some thoughts and started a fascinating discussion on the Blockchain
26 Apr 2022
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Mar 22 Forum: "Pioneering African technology to tackle Modern Slavery globally"

Quintin Lake, CEO, Fifty Eight, told us his story of setting up a business to tackle Modern Slavery, with technology from "Refactory" Uganda
29 Mar 2022
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Feb 22 Forum: "Treating cashews with kindness in Mozambique"

Don Larson, Founder and CEO of the Sunshine Nut company, Mozambique.
22 Feb 2022
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Jan 22 Forum: "All things working together for good in life and work/business"

Dr Niki Akanet, GP, Founder of Forte Charity for Inspiration and author of "Life Without Coffee (Choosing Happiness Over Stress)"
25 Jan 2022
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Dec 21 Forum: "What should I think about failure?"

Charles McLachlan, Founder of Future Perfect & the Christian Social Impact Network, provoked some great discussion around this subject.
21 Dec 2021
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"Impact Investing: The Role of Risk & Faith"

Video recording and Jamboard output from brainstorming workshop co-sponsored by Faith-in-Business, co-facilitated by Mike Clargo
14 Dec 2021
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Nov 21 Forum: "Championing people and enterprises"

November 2021: Harri Sundvik, investment banker with leadership roles at JPMorgan and Bank of America Merrill Lynch
4 Dec 2021
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Oct 21 Forum: "Led by belief; driven by passion"

October 2021 Forum: Steve Benton, Sales Development Director, Oracle UK, gave us his view of leadership using the metaphor of a lion.
28 Oct 2021
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Aug 21 Forum: "Striving in hope, battling futility, the quest continues"

August 2021: Rod MacAlister, CEO, Monetising Gas Africa, Cape Town tells his story of doing business across Africa
1 Sep 2021
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Jun 21 Forum: "Navigating the tension when mission and profit collide"

June 2021 Forum talk by Ryan Mehaffey, Founder of Feast over Famine consultancy
30 Aug 2021
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May 21 Forum: "The joy of starting businesses in the pandemic"

Video and slides from our May 2021 forum with David Steinegger, Chair Wycliffe Bible Translators and Co-Facilitator at Kingdom Business Pioneers
29 Aug 2021
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Apr 21 Forum: "Making waves in God's port"

April 2021 forum: Jon London talks about his water sports businesses on the UK South Coast.
26 Aug 2021
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Mar 21 Forum: "The Spirit of Enterprise - for such a time as this"

Matt Bird, Founder, Cinnamon Networks International
22 Aug 2021
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Feb 21 Forum: "Impact investing"

Derek Kessen, Founder OnCenter Consulting, Chicago and Co-Founder of a Kingdom investment fund
17 Jul 2021
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